Compensation Surveys
Methodology and Privacy has outsourced its compensation reporting and data collection activities to Since all of the data contained in this table was provided to us by participating firms and or public documents, and make no representations as to the accuracy of the data. Compensation is constantly changing, some data may have been changed since it was provided for the subsequent reports.

Guidelines For Position Matching
To ensure the closest possible match, please read the accompanying capsule position descriptions. If you don't see your position, please advise us as we're willing to expand the service.

In the case of smaller organizations with one senior financial executive or one senior leasing executive, the compensation of these individuals should be reported under Top Financial Executive and Top Leasing Executive categories, respectively even though their titles (Controller or Leasing Manger) might appear to call for a different category.

Salary Reports
We're in the midst of collecting data for our 2008 Industry report, however we invite you to compare your current compensation with that of your Canadian and American peers by accessing our site partner's information at by utilizing the Wizards below. The Base Salary information published in the subsequent pages reflects the median base salary for North America. Use the appropriate Wizard to gather information more relevant to your geographical region. The American Wizard is more comprehensive with respect to specific real estate, construction and mortgage lending positions.

Corporate Positions
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Chairman/President/CEO Exec. VP/Group Exec. Regional/Div.  Executive Top Corporate Planner
President/COO/GM Top PR/Corporate Affairs Top Corporate Auditor Top Legal Executive
Top Human Resource (1) Top Human Resource (2) Compensation/Benefits Mgr.  Corporate Secretary
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Top Finance and Admin Exec Top Financial Exec. Treasurer Corporate Controller
Top Tax Executive Top Financial Analyst Top IT/CIO Top Risk Exec.
Divisional Controller Top Admin Exec Property Accountant
Property Management/Operations Position's
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Top Commercial Exec(1) Top Commercial Exec(2) Top Retail Exec VP/Director Com. Portfolio
VP/Director Retail Portfolio VP/GM Major Office Bldg VP/GM Supra Reg. Mall GM/Senior PM - Office
GM Regional Mall GM Community Mall GM Retail Portfolio Senior PM - Commercial
Top Operations Exec. Sr. Operations Mgr Office Sr. Operations Mgr. Retail Security/Life/Safety Mgr.
Planning/Design Position's
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Top Land Planning Top Engineer Planning Top Urban Design Senior Project Architect
Top Project Design Top Architectural Design Top Contracts Administrator Landscape Architect
Construction Position's
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Top Construction Exec (1) Top Construction Exec. (2) Top Purchasing/Contracts Project Manager
General Superintendent Project Superintendent Top Residential Const. Exec. (High-Rise) Top Residential Const. Exec (Low-Rise)
Development Position's
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Top Development Exec. Top Industrial Exec. Top Retail Exec. Top Residential - High Rise
Top Res. Exec- Single Family Top Office Exec - Front End Top Office Exec -FE/BE Top Dev. Mgr. Major Project
Top Dev. Mgr. Top Project Director - Major Dev. Officer - Commercial Dev. Officer - Retail
Acquisition/Investment Position's
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Top Invest./Acquisition Top Asset Mgt. Asset/Portfolio Manager Top Syndication Exec.
Investment Analyst Inter Asset Mgr./Analyst
Leasing/Sales/Marketing Position's
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Top Leasing Exec. Top Leasing - Major Project VP/Director Leasing Comm. Mgr./Senior Leasing Comm.
VP/Director Retail Leasing Mgr./Sr. Retail Leasing Top Residential Marketing Top Comm. Marketing
Retail Leasing Rep. Commercial Leasing Rep. Retail Promotions Director Residential Sales Rep.
Retail Specialty Leasing
Corporate Real Estate/Facility Management Position's

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Top Corporate RE  Exec. Top Facilities Mgmt. Exec. Chief Corporate Security Facilities Director
Facilities Mtce. Supervisor Facilities Manager Call Center Executive Facilities Planner
Corporate Real Estate/Retail Position's

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Top Retail Executive Retail Store Planning & Construction Exec. Retail Store Planning & Construction Director Regional Retail Store Construction Mgr.
Retail Store Design Director Retail Store Construction Mgr. Retail Real Estate Mgr. Retail Real Estate Rep.

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