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Welcome to the Employers' and Recruiters' Section

We invite employers to post their career opportunities and contract job openings on the REmatrix.com CareerSite. The CareerSite has been designed exclusively for the commercial real estate and real estate finance professional.

Consider the recruitment and cost benefits:
Instant Access
Our "apply online" feature makes it easy for candidates to contact you directly.

Expand Your Exposure
REmatrix.com is a vertical market B2B and P2P "metamediary" portal targeting all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. It's an "Affinity" site, meaning the people who browse through REmatrix.com share a common interest in real estate issues.  With a job posting term of 30 days versus one or two day insertions in a local newspaper, your odds of reaching the right candidates is significantly increased.

Access To The Passive Candidates
REmatrix.com caters to the commercial real estate industry as a whole
, exposing you to a whole new world of active and passive job seekers. Our system brings your career opportunities to thousands of potential candidates, many whom you wouldn't normally reach in any other manner. We offer some powerful search tools such as candidate notification agent software, and access our skills based resume information for data mining.

Relevancy Based on Skills Analysis
When you post our job opportunity on our site or search our database, you can be sure respondents have relevant experience. In fact, we send you responses based on relevancy using an A List and B List approach. Relevancy is determined by the parameters you establish in the job profile.

Increase Traffic Through a Central Hub of Activity
REmatrix.com is not a "stand alone" job board, but rather a "metamediary" internet portal. A "metamediary" portal incorporates content, product information, virtual communities, transactional and enterprise management tools into one central hub of activity.

A Cost-Effective Solution
With a significantly lower cost-per-hire than traditional recruiting methods, such as newspapers and agencies, REmatrix.com helps you decrease your recruiting costs while increasing the quality and number of candidates quickly and easily.
Most importantly, you save time. Find the solution that meets your needs while improving the return on your investment with REmatrix.com.

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