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Our Approach is a vertical market B2B and P2P portal targeting all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. The Career's section of exposes our commercial real estate visitors to a whole new world of accessing job opportunities and identifying job seekers. The compensation section has been designed to be informative and provide general commentary on national and international compensation issues only.

For more definitive information with respect to compensation architecture, we urge you to secure advice from compensation professionals familiar with your regional markets and jurisdictions.

Compensation Architecture
One assumes owners will applaud changes to pay schemes that motivate their management and staff to deliver increasing long-term shareholder value.
From time to time, will publish articles and academic thesis's on compensation architecture.

Observations From The Front
Rutherford International Executive Search Group Inc.
, a firm specializing in real estate executive search will contribute to the community forum section expressing their perspective on the industry and its future human resource challenges. Link Here

Compensation Survey's
The field of executive compensation has become so complex due to variables of location, company size, type of business and the ambiguity of job duties, that most organizations require access to meaningful data when establishing equitable and competitive remuneration levels.

Salary Reports
We're in the midst of collecting data for our 2008 Industry report, however we invite you to compare your current compensation with that of your Canadian and American peers by accessing our site partner's information at by utilizing the Wizards below. The Base Salary information published in the subsequent pages reflects the median base salary for North America.

Salary Trends In North America
We expect the North American economy to undergo a series of chaotic disruptions throughout the forthcoming years as it adjusts to the realities of an emerging second world (India and China), which is rapidly advancing through its industrialization and meeting the first world head-on in knowledge driven high value manufacturing and the provision of professional services.

Contrary to the WTO efforts, the world is carving itself into trading blocks and as a defensive posture; it's very likely the North American economy will become more not less united. As a result, the median range of Canada's Total Cash Compensation paid to employees is apt to align with that of their American counterparts over the next ten years.

Apart from an intertwining of North America's economy, additional factors contributing to this North American equalization of Total Cash Compensation are: flexible retention strategies to offset transient and lifestyle career planning  that is endemic to professionals under age 35; aggressive cross-border recruitment due to skill shortages and knowledge gap caused by mass retirements; NAFTA sponsored North-South labor mobility, tax reform to offset tax bracket shopping and release human capital into wealth creating endeavors (State and Provincial governments will compete for high value workers tomorrow in the same manner as they compete for business investment today. As well, far too much of Canada and the U.S.A.'s intellectual capital is pre-occupied with income tax collection, compliance and planning.); demand for private health insurance due to deterioration of Canada's public health care system, and the Canadian petroleum and aqua dollar holding its value against the Greenback. All of these factors will symbiotically link the two major North American economies and align compensation rates over the coming decade.

Guidelines For Position Matching
To ensure the closest possible match between a survey position and yours, please read the accompanying capsule position descriptions. Once you have chosen the position, which most closely matches your own, click on the relevant Country Salary Wizard and enter the matched job title. The U.S.A. Wizard is more comprehensive so if Canadian's are unable to find a matching position, please default to the American information. Corporations that wish to participate in our data collection should click on the position's that are relevant to your firm and email us. We'll forward your request to

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