Web Services
REmatrix through its owner, Rutherford International offers clients a number of programming and web integration services.

These are:

World-Wide WebSystems Design

  • Designing systems that are customized to meet your corporate image and objectives;
  • Overseeing all aspects of your WWW project from conception to completion, including ongoing host maintenance and support;
  • Assisting with any single phase of project.

Database Integration

  • Specializing in the integration of existing legasy system databases to the internet WWW;
  • Transfering of data and information from mainframe, mini and client server computers and making this information available over the WWW.

HTML Programming and Design

  • Designing appealing and innovative pages using modern HTML code, while keeping in mind the variance that exists among client Web browsers. This methodology ensures that your information will reach its maximum audience intact and on target.

Catalog and Database Searching

  • This service allows Internet users to search (by filling out a search form) product lists and other catalogs relating to your company's product and services by name and description.

Knowledge Mining/Data Warehousing

  • Using search algorithms based that mine data based on 'contextual' search parameters, staff or viewing public are able to retrieve exactly what they've asked for. This engine provides the backbone for knowledge serving corporate micro-portals. A demonstration of this engine will be available in the REsearch section of REmatrix in the near future.

Wide Area Networking

  • Helping to set up company wide email services, Web servers, and databases;
  • Bridging existing local area networks.

Private Communications Network (PCN)

  • Provide common logical connectivity between separate Local Area Networks (LAN's) through Public Networks, such as the Internet. Such connectivity is required when networks are physically separated, yet require secure access to each other's resources.
  • Good candidates for PCN deployment have: telecommuting employees, multiple locations - local or worldwide, excessive long distance phone bills, leased lines for communications and dedicated Internet connectivity.

CGI programming

  • While HTML is used to display information to the user , CGI binaries are used to implement more advanced features such as forms, imagemaps, ordering systems, and database integration. These interactive elements make site more interesting, while also increasing its usefulness.

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