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REmatrix through Rutherford International offers a full range of proven e-business solutions. Which means we can offer solutions that make the most sense for your business, from a simple informational building or corporate site to a complete revenue generating transactional e-building with full tenant and supplier interaction.

For instance, the current E-marketing trend for selling professional services and products is becoming more targeted. The five hundred page hyperlink catalogue sites are not producing the traffic once expected. Brower's on the Net are reluctant to become lost in a maze of information. Most professional service providers, use the net as an adjunct to their day-to-day marketing efforts. The Mini-Site is becoming a popular alternative for driving Net traffic and sales for many Net marketers..

What is a Mini Web Site?

A Mini-Site is simply a direct sales letter (almost always one page) and an order form. No banners ads, or advertising links or multiple product selections. Mini-Sites are effective because they are "direct response sites." Visitors are usually targeted individuals who have a genuine interest in what the site has to offer. The focus is on selling one product/service and one product/service only, directing the potential customer to the order form. The message is quick and to the point, with a sufficient back-end for browser's to order the product or request more information.

Use your Mini-Site to:

  • Showcase your building, product and/or service
  • Establish instant feedback with order forms
  • Provide interested parties with timely information
  • Reduce web maintenance costs
  • Collect marketing information
  • Do it all 24 hours a day/7days a week

How do I make one?

You don't make one, you modify an initial template, which we design for you. With our initial templates to guide you, even the busiest person can find some time to modify their Mini-Site. It requires almost zero maintenance.

Is it enough?

Yes, if done right. No need to create a monster marketing site, which can take months, and where results (if not done right) can be disappointing, relative to the amount of hard and soft costs expended.

How we develop it:

REmatrix Mini-Site Development Services were created with one thing in mind: to give you the best site template as quickly and economically as possible. To do this, we have assembled an exceptional team of professional web site design and development partners. Together we work closely with you, to ensure your site meets your specific business needs and objectives.

How The Process Works:

  • Complete a business profile sheet. This helps to give us a better idea of what you do and what you want your web site to do. The more information you provide, the better. This might include existing brochures, fact sheets, logos, images - anything to begin establishing site content and layout.
  • Talk with our Mini-Site Web Design Architect. Once we've reviewed your profile, one of our site architects will call you directly. At this stage, we go over all aspect of your web site development. We discuss layout considerations, the use of enterprise management interfaces. You can also decide on a domain name for your site at this point.
  • RELAX. Over the next couple of days, we begin building your Mini-Site template. You can even go online to check how it's coming along. 
  • Down to business. All of our sites are delivered e-business ready. Which means you can start handing out your new web site address right away.

How We Host It:

REmatrix Web Site Hosting Services can be purchase together with our Web Site Development services, or separately, if you already have a site. Either way, the benefits are clear. For starters, our hosting solutions include access to Canada's most reliable high capacity networks.

Other REmatrix Mini-Site hosting benefits include:

  • Location, Location. Host your page on the REmatrix REsource Professional Services Directory, or our building product's exposition RE-Expo.
  • Multimedia capabilities. With up to 10 gigabytes of data transfer available, you can enhance your site with audio, video and streaming media files.
  • Security, reliability and support. this includes a fully redundant network with daily backup o four site files and access to outstanding technical support.
  • Database Support. Our hosting services support advanced web development tools and programming technologies enabling you to develop powerful database driven applications on your site.
  • Weekly site traffic reports. In-depth reports tell you how many visitors you had to you site and which pages were visited most often.
  • Scalability. As your needs and online traffic grow,  you can easily migrate your site to one of our more advance Web Site Hosting plans.

Order now! Maximize your savings!

Sign up for both Mini-Site Design Development services and our Basic Web Hosting plan by September 28, 2001, and not only will you receive an additional 10% off your Mini-Site Development services, but one month of free hosting on REmatrix's REsource Channel with no service charge.

Already have a Mini-Site? Enhance it with our basic Web Site Hosting plan by September 28, 2001, and you'll still receive one month of free hosting with no service charges. 

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"As the Internet grows in ubiquity, bandwidth, function, and robustness, a deep rich information infrastructure is growing in the global economy that makes negotiations, knowledge sharing and transactions infinitely easier and faster." 

Don Tapscott : Creating Value in the Network Economy/99

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