RE2080: What Is It?

RE2080 is an investment centric Property Information Exchange (PIE), and Private Communications Network (PCN). It's membership is exclusive, and consists of sophisticated owners, lenders, elite "brokers" and investment professionals representing more than a 1000 different markets around the globe.

RE2080 Promotes Relationship Clustering & Dis-aggregation of Knowledge:
The Internet is all about establishing and reinforcing connections between people. It "democratizes knowledge," as it has commoditized information and made it accessible to all. It has become increasingly evident in the Internet universe, that the Internet has led to the "dis-aggregation" of information linkages within the traditional business paradigm. The global commercial real estate industry has been in the forefront of this phenomenon.

RE2080 Supports The Revaluation Of The Commercial Real Estate Broker:
Ten years ago, commercial real estate brokers were the "Keeper of Keys" with respect to market and trade information. Today, access to information has been commoditized - the traditional broker paradigm has changed. However, even with "Business 2 Business" and "Person 2 Person" trading networks, one should not assume the Internet will "dis-intermediate" the real estate broker's traditional role between the vendor and purchaser, insomuch as it will change the Brokers' role in the transaction and their overall value proposition in the process.

RE2080 Commercial Real Estate Brokers Are Trusted Advisors:
Most real estate marketing and sales executives will admit, that 20% of their sale's organization is responsible for 80% of their completed deals. It's a "maxim," which has held true for years, and will so for years to come - even in an information driven Internet economy.

To be successful in an Internet economy, brokers must learn to do more than "initiate the transaction," and become more of a "trusted advisor" by facilitating the transaction. This "value adding" client/advisor approach to enabling a transaction, is indicative of top broker performance - so for a "consultative oriented broker" - dis-intermediation is highly unlikely. It's this elite broker, investor and service provider that we seek for membership in RE2080's network and information exchange.

Membership Benefits

  • With globalization of Fortune 500 companies and the rising influence of global capital markets, opportunities for national and international transaction will abound. RE2080 membership will facilitate the development of cross border multi-lateral relationships within its exclusive membership roster.
  • Receive encrypted interaction and document control with fellow members. 
  • Exclusive international property and portfolio information exchange service for marketing your investment opportunities.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous access to institutional investment manager's, brokers and advisory professionals over a private WAN (Wide Area Network) or PCN (Private Communications Network).
  • Additional benefits continued....

Admission Criteria

Full members with listing privileges will be assessed by a number of factors, including business volumes, deal size and complexity, client satisfaction, market knowledge, abstract reasoning and Internet acumen. Link Here to learn who should join and how.


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