REmatrix International Job Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

How long will this take?
The process shouldn't take you more than ten minutes.
How do I enter my information?
To avoid the risk of 'timing out,' we've partitioned the entry of information onto separate screens. To save what you have entered and move on to the next screen simply click the Continue button.
Is there a cost to register?
We don't charge a fee to the job seeker.
Why can't I just cut and paste my resume?
REmatrix International Job Board is an international job board for commercial real estate and finance professionals. Our process allows for a more consistent use of of terminology by indexing to English real estate terms and phraseology. It enables the system to evaluate your data more accurately and notify you of opportunities. As well, corporate members with database access can find your information more readily using a targeted search. Towards the end of the registration, we provide you with a means to insert your resume. 
Do I need to attach a resume right now?
No - assuming you have been thorough in the registration process. Although helpful, a resume is not required to foster initial interest in your skill sets, as our system is able to construct a general outline of your background. The outline shouldn't be construed as a substitute for your resume, as client's obviously require greater detail.
How will employers find me?
There are three primary methods for employers to find you within our system: your direct response to their posting; employer agent software set to notify a potential employer when a person with specific skills or market knowledge registers; employer's for a fee, may search our database for active registrants.
How may I maintain my anonymity?
You can determine what personal details you want available, including the blocking of specific companies from seeing your registration. We go to great lengths to protect your anonymity. They can't find you by name and company, but they can find you by your skills, job title and attributes. 
What if I need to stop before I'm finished?
You can activate your registration on the final screen. Be sure to complete all *Required Information on the screens marked as Required for Activation. A partial registration will not suffice.

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