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Not only has the Internet revolutionized the way we do business, but the way we learn as well. Using state of the art computer and Internet technology, we will be offering a wide range of continuing education courses.
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Companies with hundreds of employees can save more than 50 percent through online training by establishing their own in-house real estate college. Course material and case studies can be adapted to reflect the experience of the corporation. REmatrix will be offering its clients a complete Corporate Education System (CES), based an ASP solution. Benefits include rapid global deployment, instantaneous upgrades worldwide, network-wide attribution of system enhancements.
  • Unique Learning Platform:
    CES provides training managers with the ability to cost-effectively create and manage personalized Employee Knowledge Portals. These bring together targeted online and off-line corporate education for every employee.
  • Online training with best content:
    Successful completion of our courses will entitle your employees to receive accreditation from one of Canada's pre-eminent real estate designation granting professional bodies. REmatrix continually updates its comprehensive education content, of which the core is used to underpin your corporate college curriculum. Rematrix's open architecture also enables the rapid integration of proprietary course content.
  • Automated instructor-led training administration:
    Acknowledging that a substantial portion of enterprise-wide training will remain offline, Rematrix's has created a comprehensive session management and integrated facilities management system with complete conflict detection capabilities. The system tracks and limits registration, generates and manages waitlists for over-subscribed events, sends e-mail reminders to invitees a specified number of days before an event and tracks event attendance. Training administrators can even track interest in unscheduled events and then schedule those events when enough interest has been generated.
  • Enterprise-wide knowledge management and just-in-time training:
    The CES Knowledge Bank provides (1) a knowledge management system for the exchange of employee knowledge within an enterprise, (2) thousands of integrated, searchable learning objects for just-in-time training and (3) the ability to search for and request materials from an organization's offline libraries. REmatrix also works with corporate personnel departments to internally promote corporate education among individual employees.
  • Competency profiling and assessment:
    Our system will administer a personalized 360-degree online and offline assessment to determine your employee's competency gaps. Based upon this assessment result, the employee is prescribed the appropriate training necessary to close these gaps.
  • Open Source Efficiency Management System (OSEM™):
    is a variant of our CES asynchronous distance education technology and is designed to turn your staff into in-house efficiency experts and improve long-term company value. By leveraging the collaborative features of  our education technology, OSEM™ links employees and management together to foster ideas that will continuously improve the operational processes of your department, region or company overall. Through asynchronous and synchronous collaboration, the system tracks idea development, implementation and reporting, as well as automated workflow, assignment and tracking results. 

Course Description
Course Availability

The core elements of the REmatrix courses will be converted into a digital format over the next twelve months. Private labeled corporate colleges can be more selective in their course requirements, which would result in a more rapid roll-out.


Conversion of print course modules to an on-line format is a time consuming task. Knowing which courses will draw the greatest interest is helpful in scheduling the roll-out. To this end, we're conducting a brief survey of both companies and individuals interested in the CES system.

To participate in the survey, please link here and enter your company, name and title in the message box. We will forward you the survey document directly. 

Participation will not go un-rewarded. Corporate survey participants that become CES ASP clients will receive a twenty percent reduction from the customization costs of their first three course modules. Individual survey participants will receive a similar reduction from the first three courses purchased for them through their company. 


1. Can individuals sign up for distance education course through REmatrix?

Yes and No - Individuals are eligible to sign-up for any Continuing Education Course REmatrix might offer, however courses sanctioned by the Real Estate Institute of Canada, may only be purchased through your company. REIC offers their courses to individual purchasers in a classroom setting and by mail correspondence.

2. Are the courses available now?

No - we expect to roll the courses out over the next twelve months in accordance with the demand established by our market surveys.

3. What do you mean by asynchronous and synchronous when describing your CES system?

The CES system is designed to cater to your schedule and is based on a collaborative system grounded in case study and study teams. Students take their courses within a virtual classroom and have access to a variety of educational tools. Instructors function as E-Moderators or Facilitators ensuring that not only are the students assimilating knowledge from the established curriculum, but are learning through ongoing interaction that is both passive and in real-time.

Should you have any other questions on our CES system, please contact us by linking here.

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