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Industry Consolidation - An Era Of Uncertainty
Transcript of speech presented at the PM Springfest 2003, Toronto Convention Center by Forbes Rutherford, President of Rutherford International ESG, a real estate executive search firm.
Commercial Real Estate 
Many real estate organizations and building owners are frustrated in today’s marketplace with respect to the difficulty in finding service orientated and experienced property managers, building operators and superintendents.  And if they find them, their next challenge is how to retain them.

This presentation examined some of the key trends affecting building management staff and professionals including:
1. Revaluation of the property manager through job enrichment;
2. Motivate by making your values mean something;  
3. Compensating Performance by offering clarity, simplicity and execution;
4. Retaining talent (determinant factors for staying or leaving.);
5. Recruiting talent (when and how, secrets of a corporate headhunter);
6. Implications of the future labor market (more than the building’s life cycle should be extended);
7. Effect of mergers on staffing (an age of uncertainty);
8. Warehousing knowledge that’s transient (managing the knowledge gap between senior and junior employees);
9. Career Management (finding one’s niche in an oligarchic industry);

Transcript: Employment Impact - Predicting The Unpredictable
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Commercial Real Estate - General Trends
Enhancing SVA Through Strategic Sourcing
by Austin P. Noronha, CPP, CRM, CPM, Management Consultant

Different people have different understandings of strategic sourcing, but at the end of the day, the ultimate objective of strategic sourcing is the positive impact to the enterprise bottom line and shareholder value.

  Strategic Procurement is a long term and Total Cost Management approach to the procurement of all goods and services, required for the ongoing operation of an enterprise.  A Sourcing Strategy is “The specific approach to identifying, developing and managing new and beneficial supply relationships”. 

Strategic Sourcing has its roots in identifying and obtaining new cost reductions.  I utilize the following steps in achieving Strategic Sourcing benefits within an organization:

1. Determine the sourcing category,
2. Determine sourcing focus tactics and strategy,

3. Phase the building of a score card.

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