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Former Capital One Real Estate Executive Bullish on Canada
Ask real estate executive, Peter Icely, how he feels about returning to Toronto after five years with Capital One, a Fortune 500 company in Richmond, Virginia and he will tell you the city and country may not have changed much but his fresh perspective reveals many new and exciting opportunities and creative challenges.
Fresh Opportunities for Canadian Corporations
"The opportunities for growth and expansion in the Canadian real estate market are enormous," said Icely who, with 24 years experience in the industry, has been involved in almost every aspect of commercial real estate. His particular areas of expertise include strategic planning, site acquisitions, capacity planning, real estate transactions, project and construction management, development, outsource vendor management, building operations and facility management.
Workplace Innovation
Linking Shareholder Value To Executive Performance
This is the first of a three part series on the creating shareholder value by linking staff bonuses, business unit managers and first tier executive compensation through the establishment of a hierarchy of performance measurements.

Beginning late 1995, most major stock indices enjoyed a one hundred percent increase. Share price was driven not only by management, but as well by factors outside of management control such as low interest rates, declining inflation and an ocean of unencumbered and undisciplined wealth transferred to a post-war generation. With all boats in the harbor rising with the same tide, the weakness of fixed price options became glaringly evident as they rewarded both the superior and under-performing executive. The need to find relevant methods for measuring executive performance is paramount, as awarding a windfall to an under-performing executive is tantamount to picking the shareholders pocket.
Linking Executive Compensation to Shareholder Value

Winter 2007
Career Opportunities

With organizations around the world re-structuring their hiring practices to incorporate Web enabled systems, has created a Job Board targeted specifically to the commercial real estate professional. This strategic partnership with employers is part of our global client service
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Compensation Survey
Rutherford International is hosting's free online commercial real estate compensation surveys. These surveys are constructive insofar as they offer some general guidelines on a national basis. Anyone interested in specific regional compensation should engage a compensation consultant.
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Career Planning Worksheet
Many competent executives have failed more than once in their careers because they did not understand their strengths and weaknesses; nor had the guidance to target the right choice. The questions in this worksheet are fundamental to conducting a self-assessment. Regardless of your becoming a registrant with REmatrix, we invite you to answer them for your own personal use.
Self Analysis Worksheet

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