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Part of the Commercial Real Estate Portal, ICIWEB Network's Property Information Exchange (PIE), and Private Communications Network (PCN) is a cross-platform global real estate network which by-passes the limitations of closed-ended managed real estate networks. Members are able to foster strategic alliances with international commercial real estate transaction professionals, investment managers, lenders and professional practitioners in over a 1000 different markets; and also allows you to publish your "Haves" and "Wants" to over 100,000 real estate professionals. During the building phase of the business network, we're utilizing social networking tools provided by LinkedIn. To become part of the ICIWEB network, please contact the Network Manager via his LinkedIn address; or should you require additional information, please contact the Publisher.

It is a Property Information Exchange, and should not be construed as Multiple or Commercial Listing Service; however our technology provides for first-class property presentations, push and pull marketing tools, data mining and professional service-provider profiling to aid selection. Visit our Property Listings feature to view an example of what is available to the general public.

Our Mission
To help you establish strategic alliances with international commercial real estate organizations, lenders and professional practitioners.

Benefits & Features:
  • Transnational exclusive membership,
  • Asynchronous and synchronous access,
  • Local, national or international email broadcasts,
  • International business directories,
  • Trend analysis & econometrics,
  • Sales comparable information,
  • On-line forums with subject matter experts,
  • Member profiles including specialization,
  • Over 100,000 professional worldwide are able to view your listings,
  • Listing traffic reports,
  • Data import/export capability,
  • Google mapping technology including polygon refinements,
  • Consolidated mapping with each portfolio listing flagged and labeled,
  • On-site & WebEx training for users,
  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • One-time entry with integrated corporate or personal website hosting (additional fee required)
  • Encrypted interaction and document control,
  • Property profiling management tools,
  • Advanced search capability,
  • "Haves" & "Wants" with searchable archive,
  • View search results on "Google" maps,
  • "Geo-code listing technology" ideal for vacant land & new construction,
  • Automated property alerts for "Haves & Wants,"
  • 200 plus fields of highly descriptive information tailored to each property type including design/build and land leases,
  • Unlimited attachments including photos, rich-media files, blueprints, floor plans, site plans and plat maps,
  • Aerials,
  • Customizable brochures and flyers.
Who Should Join!
Senior Transaction & Investment Executives with:
  • Institutional Investors,
  • Government,
  • Financial Institutions and lenders,
  • REIT's
  • Industrial, Commercial & Investment Brokers,
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Private Equity Investors,
  • Fund Managers
  • Investment Bankers,
  • Research Analysts,
  • Financial Advisors,
  • Lawyers, Accountants
  • Academics, Subject matter experts
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